I had to take the train today as the car was in for repairs.  First train from Longniddry to Edinburgh Waverley was five minutes late (left at 08:16) but actually made it to Edinburgh Waverley on time.  Next train from Edinburgh Waverley for Edinburgh Park was supposed to be the 08:34 but it was not on the schedule (maybe its been removed since I last got the train) so I wen off and got on the 08:48, needless ti say it left a full twelve minutes late at 09:00 and did not make up any time.

On the way home I was hoping to catch the 16:41 train from Edinburgh Park to Newcraighall (the car was in a garage at Newcraighall which closed at 17:30).  The 16:41 did not leave until 17:02 (yes, twenty two minutes late), when the train was passing through Edinburgh Waverley it was announced that the train would terminate at Burnstane (the station before Newcraighall) as it was so late!!!  So, I had to wait for the next train from Edinburgh Waverley to Newcraighall which was due to leave at 17:25.  The 17:25 left Edinburgh Waverley at 17:30 (surprise, surprise), thankfully the garage stayed open until I was able to get there at 17:50 to collect the car.

This was the first time I had to get the train for a few months.  Usually I leave the house at around 09:00 and arrive in work for around 09:30.  Today I left the house at 08:00 and did not arrive in work until 09:25.  Going home was even worse, I doubt I’d remain sane if I had to return to getting the train every day.

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One Response to 18/04/2005

  1. Andrew says:

    man this is a dull blogtalk about Brock Lesnar!

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