Brighouse Bay

Played this course on Sunday, off the yellow tees:

Played off 12, playing partner was off 18. I had 12 points on the front 9, 14 on the back 9; partner had 14 on the front 9, 10 on the back 9.

Quite a golf course, the only disappointing thing about it was the greens, they were pretty rubbish, we both dropped about 5 shots just because the greens were so inconsistent.

The third was a crazy hole, a par three over the cliffs into a badly sloping green.  Only 147 yards but still had to belt a 5 iron into it as the wind off the sea was pretty fierce.

The eighth had the smallest green on a golf course I’ve ever seen, it was about 15 yards long, at it’s widest it was 8 yards, at it’s narrowest it was about 4 yards.  Was pin high right about 5 yards with the tee shot but still ended up with a bogey!!!

If they re-built all the greens they would have one of the best golf courses you would find anywhere.

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