Get on with it

Well no blogs entries from me for a wee while (to say the least). I guess trying to keep up with Finlay’s blogging has been taking it’s toll Smile
I’m currently with RBS in St. Andrew’s Square working on the NT4 – Win2k3 server migration, should hopefully be there for a wee while (to the end of next year if everything works out). I’ve been trying to get into WSS 3.0 as much as possible but RBS have only deployed WSS as a pilot with no development allowed so I’ll have to wait a wee bit longer before I can get some programming experience on the server end.
We’ve almost got our bathrooms finished in the house, just a few weeks more and Finlay will finally get a bath in his own house (we still use a wee plastic bath but he spashes most of the water out of it onto the floor). The next thing we need to do is get the Aga working again as the cold weather is here and the house is starting to feel a wee bit chilly in the morning.
Anyway, check out Finlay’s space for links to photos of my wee boy.
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