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403 Forbidden from /_api/contextinfo when using Chrome Postman REST App

tl;dr The Postman App was sending an Origin header to /_api/contextinfo and that was generating a 403 Forbidden. Using a fiddler rule I removed the Origin HTTP header and the call to /_api/contextinfo endpoint then worked. I’ve recently been trying to grok the … Continue reading

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Fixing the Save site as a template error when you have provisioned custom site columns in SharePoint 2013

***UPDATE: 18/03/2015*** I’ve updated this article to discuss the specifics of when this issue can arise I had a report of a user experiencing an error using the Save site as a Template on a straight forward Team Site in … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2013 error after creating a view

There have been several reports of users experiencing an error when creating a view with an out the box SharePoint 2013 Team Site. tl;dr  Requests made via a load balancer that strips out the Accept-Encoding header cause an error creating … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2013 Audit Log Trimming – remember to edit your timer jobs to fit your log retention

SharePoint 2013 offers the option of audit logs: Configure audit settings for a site collection One of the settings available is to trim the audit logs and optionally save the trimmed data into a library. As the above article states … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2013 Content Search Web Part and filtering on User Profile Properties

I am working on a new SharePoint 2013 implementation for an organisation that has a particular desire to have as much personalised content as possible on the Intranet home page. The idea is to have say one main area on … Continue reading

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Number Mysteries – Considering Bases Exercise

Here’s a sample C# program for working out the Considering Bases exercise: If you want to download the solution then click here.

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